ELIXIR Ireland is the Irish node of the international organisation ELIXIR, centred in Europe, which promotes the sharing of resources and expertise in computational biology.

ELIXIR develops training, compute, data and tools platforms (see ELIXIR-Europe) to make them interoperable and sustainable.

ELIXIR Ireland offers training, data and software. Our vision is to bring Ireland to the forefront of computational biology research in Europe. To do this we will leverage the extensive networks across Europe in ELIXIR (including the UK) to drive the local development and local use of computational data, tools, platforms and training resources, drawing on both local and EU funding support.


  • Denis Shields, Head of Node, UCD
  • Colm Ryan, Deputy Head of Node, UCD
  • Lars Jermiin, Data Stewardship Manager, UG
  • Pavel Baranov, Technical Coordinator, UCC
  • Siobhán Cleary, Research Data Management Coordinator, UCD
  • Maria Doyle, Training Coordinator, UL
  • Anmol Kiran, Deputy Technical Coordinator, UCC
  • Training Coordinator, UG team